Covid Special Terms & Conditions

We at 5StarsHome Mallorca are very aware of the situation that Covid19 brings with it, and we assure you of the highest possible guarantees that are always up to date with the development of the pandemic on a global level and take care of your health and well-being.

We have prepared this content for your maximum tranquility and explain how you can enjoy your vacation in these circumstances.

  • Cleaning in our villas

    Our cleaning and hygiene measures follow the strictest protocols with complete disinfection that ensure the safety and health of our guests.

    We have additional cleaning protocols requested by our guests, which are not included in the initial cost estimate of the booking.

    Before each check-in, we always have enough time to carry out a high-quality and absolutely safe cleaning.

  • Our Covid Cancellation Policy

    If you want to cancel your booking:

    - Up to 48h after booking, free cancellation.

    - From 48h after booking to 65 days before arrival date, 25% of the total amount must be paid.

    - From 65 days prior to check-in until check-in day, 100% of the total amount must be paid.

  • Conditions for existing bookings

    If there is no travel option to our destinations due to cancellation / closure of all available travel options, we will offer you re-booking by simply paying the difference, if it exists. This change can only be made once.

    You will need to provide the relevant documents showing that you cannot travel to our villas in your holiday destination.

    If you want to cancel your booking due to Covid, you can do so in accordance with our cancellation policy for Covid, as stated in the previous point. Contact us and our team will help you.

    For more information, see our terms and conditions on our website or please contact us.

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